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    Shaping is like massaging matter. Extending the intention and imagination in order to achieve harmony.

    Imagination and my own gaze transform the model.

    Giving life to what I feel fills me with happiness – in these moments I am fulfilled.

    Who am I? - I am the instrument, the breath of a blessed moment.

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    Gold and jewellery finish | Nov / 2014
    Bronze and crystal finish | Nov / 2014
    Chocolate finish | Nov / 2014
    Longwy Enamel finish | Nov / 2014
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who am i ?

Shaping matter is like massaging a body.
Imagination and my own gaze transform the model.

my story

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I was born in Lorraine, France in the 60s. My father was of a Slavic origin, designer, contractor, and painter in his spare time. My mother was from Lorraine and from an Art metalwork family. She recited classical theatre or sang Edith Piaf while cooking great Cordon Bleu level dishes.

From a very young age, thanks to mom's dreams, my four siblings and I have studied dance and music privately and at the music academy.

When I was little, I was moulding bread at the table, and this material encouraged me to make many shapes. At four years old, when I saw my sisters spinning in their dance classes, I told my mother that I want to be a dancer. She accepted and I soon took pleasure to express myself on stage during performances. Dancing proved easy and fun to me.

When I was six, we were setting up a play at school, that we, children, were to imagine the scenery for. My proposal was accepted.

With this vote of confidence and to my delight, I realized that what I imagined could be done. Two years later, I started School at the Metz Academy where I spent 8 years of dance and music studies. I understand every day how lucky I am to live this way.

At thirteen, I started dancing at the Grand Théâtre de Metz.

I welcomed the hot lighting, the wood scent from the stage floor and the heavy velvet curtains in which I wrapped myself when it was cold. I loved the feeling of being in the light, to work in many settings and wear costumes in different shapes and materials.

At 17 I became a professional dancer at the Opéra de Nancy, which created the majority of its shows. The Opera also has its own workshop for sets and costumes. I furrowed the various workshops and watch each trade.

While I started to get interested in creating shapes, I met a sculptor who gradually lost the use of his hands. I've helped in his workshop sawing, gluing structures and created a choreography in which I was dancing with his sculptures. Gone to Paris I made several experiments dancing, acting in theatres, and singing to finally decide to learn sculpture.

I worked and studied in several workshops and academies but my meeting with Alberto CARLISKY made me take a major turn. Self-taught sculptor, he worked with ZADKINE. He taught me humility at work. Our relationship was like father to daughter. Yet, he was uncompromising, not hesitating to throw my weeks of work on the ground, saying: "It is not bad but could be better!"

That may be why I can now start a job over when it is not satisfactory without me being "too much" affected. I still remember him as a charming and incredibly talented person. I took my independence since and am now joyfully creating alone in my workshop in Lyon, France.

  • Who I am ?

    I am the device, the breath of a moment of grace.


    Extending the intention and imagination to reach harmony.


    Giving life to what I feel and imagine fills me with happiness. In these moments I am fulfilled.

My artworks



I vary the works in several finishes,
I am at your disposal for any suggestion.

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  • In partnership with a major jewellery designer from Lyon, I adorn my works according to your wishes and aspirations. My artworks reach the highest level of luxury and voluptuousness.
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  • Following the highest French tradition, I make sets of 8 + 4 in different bronzes patinas and finishes of molten crystal with the most qualified foundries.
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  • From the greatest French tradition, Longwy Enamel (since 1798) confers a timeless and universal originality to my work.
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  • Delicious artworks in all sizes, naturally it is "Swiss Made" chocolate.


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